4/20 & 7/10 Cannabis Holidays: What are they and why do we celebrate them?

Growing up we all knew about 4/20. It was that time of day that we all looked forward to. That time of day where you’d smoke em’ if you got em’. But where did it originate from? I was always told that it was the police code for “marijuana arrest in progress”. But that has long since been discredited. In California for instance, all the police codes relating to marijuana start with “113xxx”. So where did the origins of 420 begin?
According to power of the internet (wikipedia.org) the association with smoking marijuana and 420 began in the 1970s in Marin County, California. A group of high school students known as “The Waldos” would say “420” to each other at some point during the school day as code to meet for a smoke. The reasons for their meeting time, it turns out, aren’t very complicated: school ended around 3:00 p.m., and then came sports practice, and then it would be about 4:20. And the social circumstances that led to the ritual might be familiar to any number of high-schoolers. The legend goes that on Dec. 28, 1990, Deadheads in Oakland handed out flyers inviting people to smoke “420” on April 20 at 4:20 p.m — and one got in the hands of Steve Bloom, a former reporter for High Times magazine.
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If you’re not one of the hip kids (like me), you might not even know what the “other” cannabis holiday is. I was introduced to the term by a former coworker, who at 7:10 every day would say, “turn your phones upside down!” I did and my phone read 1:40. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ He seemed to get unnaturally upset that not everyone used a digital clock on their phone. But if you do, it spells “oil”, referencing cannabis concentrates, which I covered in an earlier blog that you can read more about here. 710 is a fairly recent holiday, and has really only become popular in the past few years; most likely coinciding with the increasing popularity of legal concentrates.
However you like to celebrate, whether it be flower or concentrates, remember to smoke em’ if you got em’ this upcoming year for 4/20 and 7/10. And remember to stop by High End Market Place where we go all out every year with dank deals and special events every 4/20 and 7/10.

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