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4/20 & 7/10 Cannabis Holidays: What are they and why do we celebrate them?
Growing up we all knew about 4/20. It was that time of day that we all looked forward to. That time of day where you’d smoke...
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  • H.E.M.P. Happenings April 2018
    Celebrate the 4/20 Holiday with High End Market Place We’re super excited to celebrate this national holiday with you here...
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  • The H.E.M.P. Purchasing Team Shops for Cannabis
    What does the H.E.M.P. Purchasing team look for while shopping the i502 market?   Recently, the High End Market Place...
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  • H.E.M.P. Happenings March 2018
    How was your experience with us? Leave us a review to let us know how we’re doing and how we can improve. We love hearing...
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