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Cannabis culture events at High End Market Place, November 2018

Edible and Grower Showcase: Sunshine Farms

Friday, November 16th, 3-6pm / 20% off All Sunshine Farms marijuana products

“From the smallest seeds to the largest plants every step of the way Sunshine Farm’s plants are treated the best. This means using the best nutrients, the greatest growth media, the cleanest water, and the brightest lights we can. High quality care makes for a high quality product that we’re proud to put out. To our customers.

In addition to excellent growing conditions Sunshine Farms hires the best growers in the state of Washington and beyond. Our expert growers take the extra time to hand water plants, check individual plants for problems, and make sure everything is healthy seven days a week. All of our plants are given the attention and tender loving care that is impossible to get from an outdoor facility.

Our quality control facility is treated like a lab with the same clean room procedures you’d expect from a big-name food brand. When it comes to trimming we focus on the human touch over machines and make sure each bud is personally inspected and hand trimmed. We feel the extra time spent during our quality control process shows in the quality of our finished product.”

For more information go to www.sunshinefarms.com


Edible Showcase: Mirth Provisions

Friday, November 23rd, 3-6pm / 20% off all Mirth Provisions infused sparkling tonics

“Our beverages are all-natural, made with no artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. We are currently seeking Organic certification. We locally source our ingredients, whenever possible, and craft our recipes to blend naturally occurring benefits of fruits and herbs to create delicious and reliable experiences. Marijuana cannot be classified as an Organic brand based on federal law. We go to great lengths to find premium farms and resources to deliver the highest quality experiences we can.” For more information go to: www.mirthprovisions.com


Edible Showcase: Swifts & Green Labs 

Friday, November 30th, 3-6pm / 20% off Green Labs edibles

“With decades of experience in the cannabis and culinary industries, the Green Labs team is dedicated to developing innovative ways to consume cannabis while ensuring consistent flavor and accurate dosing in all of our products. We know “tastes good” and “cannabis” should always be in the same sentence. Rise with us as we transcend to the next era of cannabis.” For more information go to www.greenlabsllc.com

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