H.E.M.P. Happenings March 2017

Introducing Journeyman Edible Packs, Errls Oil, and a Female Suppository by Fairwinds Manufacturing!


Journeyman Edible Packs: From the same company that brings you SPOT, Moxey’s, and PROPER cannabis infused edibles, we’re proud to announce the arrival of the newest Journeyman lineup from botanicaSEATTLE! Today, we’ve added three new Journeyman edible packs to the menu including chocolate covered potato chips called “Couch Potatoes”, sweet and sour “Weed Tarts”, as well as their “Munchie Pack” which includes snickerdoodle, peanut butter, and triple chocolate cookies. Each edible pack is 100mg total, and are affordably priced at $25 each.


Errls Premium Cannabis Concentrates: The first time we tried Errls and experienced their terp-o-meter first hand, we knew it was a product that our customers and patients would love. Errls brings premium concentrates to the market at a very affordable price, and we are stoked to partner with them to offer their potent and tasty wax and high CBD sap. Be sure to pick some up next time you’re in the shop, and remember, you save on concentrates on Wax Wednesday and Shatterday!


Cannabis Female Suppository: Yes, that’s right. This is another first for the medical and recreational cannabis industry here in Washington State, and we can thank Fairwinds Manufacturing. It comes to no surprise to us that Fairwinds is pushing the envelope once again with a product that disrupts the current offerings in the state, but more importantly, has the potential to help so many women. “Feminine Relief is designed to provide daily and monthly relief to women, and the CBD, THCA, and THC cannabinoid ratio are optimized to support relaxation and comfort without psychoactive effects.” Details on the product description can be found here.


HEMP Welcomes The Juleps to the Sunday Sessions Stage

Sunday March 26th  //  1-4pm  //  FREE  //  21+


Featured this month: The Juleps are a Portland based trio of jazzy, bluesy, swing-town dolls who get the dance floor hoppin! Backed up by the jazziest swing cats in town, their set includes swing and jazz standards as well as cleverly kicked-up modern day covers and some really amazing original jams. With their flirty fashions, clever choreography, and of course the spot-on three part harmonies, these dolls deliver a show that’ll blow your top!

About Sunday Sessions: We’ve been inviting our community into the HEMP house since April 2015 for our monthly cannabis culture event, Sunday Sessions. Each month, we host a free event where we feature local musicians or artists in performances ranging from live glass blowing to live painting, screen printing or even pumpkin carving. Sunday Sessions at HEMP invites us to check in with our community often, support those around us, and gather to share ideas both about the cannabis industry and life in general. If you want to be a featured Sunday Sessions artist please email: marketing@highendmarketplace.com


Featured Artist:  Erika Bartlett

March 2017


This month, we’re highlight the unique and abstract photography by Erika Bartlett. Erika uses an acrylic medium and adhere’s her photos to plastic pieces for display, but is also experimenting with direct printing and custom shapes. Erika is very involved in the downtown Vancouver, WA arts district and works closely with the Vancouver Downtown Association on art installations including one that will be launched later in the month called DTVRainku. To find out more about this month’s featured artist, visit her website.

Cannabis inspires artists from every background, and we are beyond excited to have the opportunity to showcase local work by some amazing creators in our area each month. If you would like to be a featured artist, or are interested in learning more about our involvement in the arts community in downtown Vancouver, WA, please email: marketing@highendmarketplace.com


Upcoming Cannabis Events in the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR area: 


Lifted Art

3/18/2017 // 4:20pm // 1920 Broadway Vancouver, WA

Get LIFTED and join other creative cannabis users at this monthly art session in downtown Vancouver, WA. All art supplies included, BYOC.

Purchase tickets here.


Lifted Yoga:  

3/19/2017  //  11am  //  1920 Broadway Vancouver, WA

Get LIFTED and join other health conscious cannabis users at this monthly yoga session in downtown Vancouver, WA. BYOC.

Purchase tickets here.


botanicaSEATTLE Vendor Day:

3/17/2017  //  2-4pm  // 1906 Broadway Vancouver, WA 

Join us for a very special St. Patty’s day at H.E.M.P. where we welcome the creators of the best cannabis infused edibles in Washington state. They’ll be offering up non-infused mints, chocolates, and some of their new Journeyman line, and we’ll be offering up weed specials!


Mirth Provisions Vendor Day:

3/26/2017  //  1-4pm  // 1906 Broadway Vancouver, WA

Mirth Provisions, makers of the very popular cannabis infused sparkling tonics, Legal Sodas, will be joining us during this month’s Sunday Sessions to offer up non-infused beverages and weed specials!


Sunday Sessions: 3/26/2017

3/26/2017  //  1-4pm  // 1906 Broadway Vancouver, WA

Local all girl group The Juleps will be bringing a fresh spin to some classic tunes for this month’s Sunday Sessions. Join us!

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