H.E.M.P. Happenings November 2017

Brian Lee teaches us how to roll up custom joints in the next cannabis friendly Lifted Art class

We’re very excited about this month’s Lifted Art class on November 18th at 4:20pm! Brian Lee, HEMP manager and joint roller extraordinaire, will walk us through how to roll 1g tulip flower joints and give tips and tricks on how to roll a perfect joint every time. Joint rolling materials will be provided, and are included in the ticket sale…all you need to bring is some chronic weed to roll up! Spaces are limited, so be sure to purchase your ticket today! Purchase this and all other Lifted Art tickets at eventbrite.com

Lifted Events hosts private 21+ cannabis friendly art and yoga classes in Vancouver, WA near Portland, OR. To find out more about Lifted art, go to liftedevents420.com

H.E.M.P. hosts dog and cat food drive to benefit the Humane Society for Southwest Washington

At High End Market Place, we’re proud to be a dog (and cat!) friendly establishment. Last year, we hosted a food drive in partnership with the Southwest Washington Humane Society, and we wanted to give back again this year. Please bring in bags or cans of dog or cat food (opened bags are OK) from now until January 5th, 2018. Get details of what to donate here, and thank you joining us in making a difference this holiday season.


Sunday Sessions featuring live music by Daniel Trent

Sunday November 26th  //  1-4pm  //  FREE  //  21+

About Daniel Trent:

Daniel Trent will be performing from a myriad of guitar styles from fingerpicking to bluegrass. On top of that he will be singing songs from a plethora of genres including his own soulful and poetic originals.

Find out more Daniel on his Facebook page. and RSVP today!
We’ve been inviting our community into the HEMP house since April 2015 for our monthly cannabis culture event, Sunday Sessions. Each month, we host a free event where we feature local musicians or artists in performances ranging from live glass blowing, live painting, screen printing or even pumpkin carving. Sunday Sessions at HEMP invites us to check in with our community often, support those around us, and gather to share ideas both about the legal weed industry, medical marijuana and life in general.


November Featured Artists: Reid Trevarthen & Corrin Lee
Reid Trevarthen’s artist bio:
I often say that my secret dream is to be an impressionist painter. I’m specifically fascinated by the way in which artists like Monet and Degas used light and color to not only depict their subjects, but enhance them. Their works make me feel like am actually seeing the world through their eyes, unaltered by time. These pieces are my best effort to mimic the qualities I find so evocative in their paintings using paper instead of paint.Before this body of work, I hadn’t yet attempted to use a realistic color palette in my work, under the assumption that it would take too long to hunt for just the right shade and color. Once I tried, however, I realized that using magazines that photograph reality means that I had far more realistic colors available than saturated magentas and reds. I also discovered that I only to had to approximate true color, in the same way that the Impressionists did, to achieve the degree of realism I wanted. Even the process of making these collages feels like painting.
Recently, I have been incorporating more traditional collage elements, such as inserting whole images straight from the magazine into my work. This allows me to inject humor into the pieces, and encourages impulsive choices. Including these images helps ground the work in the medium of collage, and keeps me from becoming too habitual in my process. I am excited to see what will change in my art over the next year.
Check out more of Reid’s work at his website: reidtrevarthen.com
Cannabis inspires artists of every caliber, and we are beyond excited to have the opportunity to showcase local work by some amazing creators in Clark County and Southwest Washington. If you would like to be a featured artist, or are interested in learning more about our involvement in the arts community in downtown Vancouver, WA, please email: marketing@highendmarketplace.com


Upcoming Cannabis Friendly Events in the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR area: 


Lifted Art 

11/18/2017  //  4:20pm-6:30pm  //  1920 Broadway Vancouver, WA

Get LIFTED and learn how to make a custom flower joint with local joint artist and HEMP manager Brian Lee. Joint rolling kit included in the ticket price, but please, B.Y.O.C. !

Purchase tickets here.


Heavenly Buds Vendor Day at High End Market Place

11/10/2017  //  4:00pm-6:00pm  //  1920 Broadway Vancouver, WA

We are stoked to be the featured vendor this month for Heavenly Buds. We’re hosting the Heavenly team at the shop on November 10th from 4-6pm, where you’ll get to ask the team questions and enjoy some awesome specials on joints and flower. Also, in partnership with Heavenly, we’re offering up cannabis specials on Heavenly products throughout the month of November. We’re grateful for our partnership with a conscious cannabis producer, and can’t wait to celebrate with them! Join us!


Sunday Sessions

11/26/2017  //  1-4pm  // 1906 Broadway Vancouver, WA

Join us for live music inside the HEMP house featuring an acoustic set by Daniel Trent. Our monthly cannabis culture event in downtown Vancouver, WA happens the last Sunday of every month. Free live music at a cannabis dispensary just 10 minutes from downtown Portland, OR.


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