H.E.M.P. Happenings October 2017

Have you checked out our High End glass and vaporizer selection recently?

High End Market Place not only offers the highest quality, responsibly sourced cannabis products in the State of Washington, but we also carry custom local made glass products and high quality vaporizers as well. We work with several local Vancouver, Washington and Southwest Washington glass vendors including Subliminal Glass, and Jenkins Glass to stock our shelves with badass custom glass pieces you won’t find anywhere else. We’re also proud to carry a wide selection of vaporizers to fit your needs including the Volcano, Magic Flight, DaVinci, DOPE, and Dr. Dabber.


For a more comprehensive list of our paraphernalia selection, reference our paraphernalia book here. And, to stay up to date on new pieces coming into the HEMP house, make sure to follow @Highendglass710 on Instagram!


Keep in mind, if you’re ever looking for a specific glass product (including bongs, rigs, pipes), vaporizers (flower or oil), or any accessory (dab sticks, grinders, etc.) please let us know! Email us paraphernalia@highendmarketplace.com here.


Sunday Sessions featuring live music by Dane DeLloyd

Sunday October 29th  //  1-4pm  //  FREE  //  21+

We’ve been inviting our community into the HEMP house since April 2015 for our monthly cannabis culture event, Sunday Sessions. Each month, we host a free event where we feature local musicians or artists in performances ranging from live glass blowing to live painting, screen printing or even pumpkin carving. Sunday Sessions at HEMP invites us to check in with our community often, support those around us, and gather to share ideas both about the legal weed industry, medical marijuana and life in general.


About Dane:

Dane DeLloyd is an actor/rapper/pianist/artist extraordinaire who has performed coast to coast in many different venue’s and formats. On the east coast he has opened up for acts such as The Roots, The Pharcyde, Faith Evans, and the Last Poets. On the west coast he has played every tall monster (i.e. Frankenstein, Shrek, Zombie, Ghostface Killer and others) at Universal Studio’s Hollywood 4 out of the last 5 years. He also custom designed T-shirts for several mazes at Hollywood Horror Night’s in Los Angeles. Dane has self published multiple chat books as well as two Musical CD’s
1.) 100% Organic Music
2.) Serumade Adabeigio.
He has also promoted diversity in the community working with organizations like the University of Pittsburgh and the Heinz foundation. His works have been performed in the Andy Warhol museum as well as the National Poetry Slam competition. Dane is also a well rounded visual artist as well whose
photography is featured in his books. His visual works were also sold at the Pancake and Booze Show’s in L.A.
His photography is currently on display at the Waddell & Reed bldg. in downtown Vancouver, and in limited edition photography books such as N.Y.C. circa 2010. Penned by his friends as the “Da’minted Wordsmith”, or D-Dub for short, his 100% Organic installment includes over twenty years of original music. Serumade Adabeigio (literally translated as “the healing kiss”) is his debut into the classical/jazz solo piano scene. He is an asset to his craft, and an example of perseverance through artistry.

Find out more Dane DeLloyd Facebook page. and RSVP today!


October Featured Artists: Mike Stevens and Courtney Landrus

About Michael Stevens: 7 years ago, Michael Stevens met the love of his life, and in that time was introduced by her to many new mediums of art, one of those mediums he struggled most to perfect. So, instead of perfecting his craft, he decided to rather release his horrible, ugly, fragile monstrous clay sculptures upon the world in all of their imperfect beauty. Monstrous faces are the true feelings and emotions that embodied his many moods and characteristics throughout his life. A spectacle that shows…Some of us have more demons than others. Check out Michael’s Monstrous Faces here.

Courtney Landrus is a tattoo artist in Washington state who also specializes in watercolor paintings. Learning to paint in this medium was her first step into the world of tattoo art. Her best work happens when her minds eye, hands, and her soul come together on paper to portray even the small and ordinary details of life as beautiful and exquisitely unique. She enjoys creating art in a lifted and positive state of being and has a gift of capturing the world around her through her art; sharing this gift with others is her ultimate purpose as an artist. The psychology of the human mind and the beauty that is created from our brains is a source of endless fascination for her and she hopes to lift others to see the light in this world not just as an artist but as a person living in it. Courtney is originally from Spokane, Washington and now lives in Portland, Oregon with her daughter Sailor.

Find out more about Courtney by visiting her Facebook page.


Cannabis inspires artists of every caliber, and we are beyond excited to have the opportunity to showcase local work by some amazing creators in our area. If you would like to be a featured artist, or are interested in learning more about our involvement in the arts community in downtown Vancouver, WA, please email: marketing@highendmarketplace.com


Upcoming Cannabis Friendly Events in the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR area: 


Lifted Art 

10/14/2017  //  4:20pm-6:30pm  //  1920 Broadway Vancouver, WA

Get LIFTED and learn how to make an awesome ashtray/incense burner with our featured artist Mike Stevens! This event is a two part event as the ashtrays will need to be fired in the kiln!

Purchase tickets here.


Vendor Days at High End Market Place

1906 Broadway Vancouver, WA 

We are excited to welcome in several of our trusted cannabis partners into the HEMP house for vendor days in October. Join us to get educated on the offerings and marijuana products by our friends at Bodhi High and Craft Elixirs. Stay tuned for weed deals and promotions associated with each vendor day. Subscribe to our text campaign for more info on deals by texting “HEMPDEALS” to 33222 or sign up for our newsletter on our website’s home page.
Bodhi High: October 7th
Craft Elixirs: October 13th


Sunday Sessions

10/29/2017  //  1-4pm  // 1906 Broadway Vancouver, WA

Join us for live music inside the HEMP house featuring live hip hop, poetry, and keyboards by the multi-talented Dane DeLloyd. Our monthly cannabis culture event in downtown Vancouver, WA happens the last Sunday of every month. Free live music at a cannabis dispensary just 10 minutes from downtown Portland, OR.


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