H.E.M.P. Happenings October 2018

Cannabis culture events at High End Market Place, October 2018


Grower Showcase: Pioneer Nuggets

Friday, October 10th, 3-6pm / 20% off All Pioneer Nuggets cannabis flower

“Founded in December 2013, Pioneer Nuggets is a first of its kind Washington State licensed manufacturer of cannabis products. Located in Arlington, Washington, where the pioneer trail ends… but the pioneer spirit has never left. Pioneer Nuggets is dedicated to one mission- We devote our lives to produce the highest-quality cannabis for the world. Our internal passion drives our love for our plants, our people and our community. Each member of our team wakes up, slays the day, falls asleep and dreams about cannabis. Our dedication to our profession comes easy. It’s the 100% hand crafted all-natural methodology we use that invokes our endless commitment” For more information go to https://www.pioneernuggets.com/

Grower and Concentrates Showcase: Mantis Extracts 

Friday, October 12th, 3-6pm / 20% off All Mantis Extracts products

For more information go to: https://mantisextracts.com

Concentrates Showcase: Bodhi High

Friday, October 19th, 3-6pm / 20% off All Bodhi High products

“Starting with a heavy focus on quality of product, we begin by maintaining and exceeding our quality standards with the raw cannabis matter we intake.  This continues throughout our product processing and manufacturing through to final packaging and delivery.

We also lead by our market presence and design, with only the highest standards and aesthetics.   With an industry-leaing intent on cutting edge product research, product purity and unique blends for effect, wrapped in only the highest standards in product design and retail package design, backed up by our quality focus.” For more information go to: http://www.bodhihigh.com/about-us.html


Grower Showcase: Heavenly Buds

Friday, October 26th, 3-6pm / 20% off All Heavenly Buds cannabis flower, edibles, and concentrates

For more information go to: http://www.heavenlybuds.com/


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