H.E.M.P. Happenings September 2018

Cannabis culture events at High End Market Place, September 2018

Edible and Grower Showcase: Fairwinds Cannabis

Friday, September 7th, 3-6pm / 20% off All Fairwinds products

“Fairwinds was founded on the principle of bringing cutting-edge cultivating technology, pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, and proven ancient herbal traditions into the forefront of the cannabis industry. Our mission is to produce a diverse line of the most effective natural cannabis products.

Our team of food scientists, chemists, biologists, engineers, and naturopaths, is complimented by independent MDs, NDs, and clinical laboratories. Together we create effective, safe, and proven products – supported by ancient wisdom, modern clinical studies, and real science.

Fairwinds is committed to supporting the healthy use of cannabis, to empower overall wellness.” For more information go to https://fairwindscannabis.com/

Grower Showcase: Skord Marijuana 

Friday, September 14th, 3-6pm / 20% off All Skord products

“Founded in 2015, SKöRD is a Tier 2 craft cannabis producer operating out of Battle Ground, Washington. Our core team of 15 does all of our growing out of a 7200 sq. ft indoor facility that we built from the ground up.

Our approach to cultivation emphasizes the excellence, adaptability, and diversity of well-grown cannabis. The majority of our strains are selected in-house and are exclusive to SKöRD. We prize rigor in process and product above all things, always striving for perfection in our artisanal marijuana.

Since our first sales in 2016, we’ve cultivated a following in Washington state. Our customers are people who, like us, have a profound appreciation for extraordinary weed.” For more information go to: https://iskord.com/

Edible Showcase: Smokiez

Friday, September 21st, 3-6pm / 20% off All Smokiez products

Smokiez is “just a group of humans trying to make a difference in the world. We put the utmost effort into making every product the best it can be. Our edibles are available in California, Oregon, and Washington State. After one bite, you’ll be asking yourself ‘Why are these so good?’ to answer your question simply, it is our proprietary formula made with high clarity extract. Keep your eyes out for our new CBD line of wellness products, helping people and their loved ones live happier, healthier lives.” For more information go to https://smokiez.com/

Grower Showcase: Blue Roots Cannabis

Friday, September 28th, 3-6pm / 20% off All Blue Roots products

“Blue Roots Cannabis was founded in 2014 with the purpose of providing our friends with top-shelf marijuana products produced and processed safely from the highest quality flowers possible. We achieve this by through maintaining our vision toward quality and consistency, continuous development, and largely through constant feedback from governing agencies, our retailers, our friends & customers.” For more information go to https://www.bluerootscannabis.com/home

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