High End Market Place Partners with PREVENT! Coalition

PREVENT! Coalition of Clark County: Who Are They and what do they do?

PREVENT! is a local substance abuse prevention coalition working for a healthy, thriving, and drug-free Clark County, Washington. PREVENT! Strives to connect our community by leading important discussions about substance abuse prevention with local school districts, parents, law enforcement, government, business owners, and more. By holding events, and partnering locally, PREVENT! forms a strong educational foundation of open conversation, and promoting healthy and thriving communities. Check out more on PREVENT!: http://www.preventclarkcounty.org

H.E.M.P.’s Partnership with PREVENT!

High End Marketing Place has been partnering with PREVENT! coalition since April 2015, when PREVENT! launched their “Weed Can Wait” youth now program.  Together with PREVENT! we’ve passed out thousands of point of sale cards to our customers and patients that shop with us. The focus of the cards is to educate community members on the importance of safely securing your cannabis (and other harmful substances) so that youth cannot access it. We believe that our platform offers us an opportunity to be part of the conversation to influence our community’s health positively, and we take this opportunity and responsibility seriously.


H.E.M.P. Lockable, Smell Proof Bags – now available

After becoming involved in the conversation, we decided as a company to begin selling lockable, smell proof bags made of HEMP, for anyone who would like to provide that safe guard between the cannabis products they are purchasing at HEMP, and youth. Not only do these bags offer a safe place to store cannabis flower, vapor products, or edibles, they also may give parents the opportunity to discuss the substances when the time is right.


Interested in being part of the conversation?

Contact PREVENT! Today


Or, email morgan AT highendmarketplace.com

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