H.E.M.P. visits JV Ranch

A methodical, organic approach to the highest quality Cannabis and Rosin in the i502 Market

The H.E.M.P. team first visited Johnny Vanella’s ranch out in Goldendale, Washington in November 2014, a few months before opening our doors to the public on January 31, 2015. Out of the three or four i502 facilities we saw that day, JV Ranch stood out and impressed us on many levels. Johnny’s experience growing on the medical side, his use of Roots Organic Soil, and his overall transparency and genuine approach to growing cannabis. At that point, JV Ranch was an indoor grow facility with much potential to expand to outdoor growing in the future. We left his ranch that day in Eastern Washington feeling overwhelmed with an excitement about the journey we were embarking upon in this new industry. Collectively we knew we had met someone unique and authentic and there was no question that this partnership would be longterm and mutually successful.

Almost two years later, JV Ranch has a phenomenal outdoor/greenhouse grow as well as an indoor garden where he can continue to produce in the off season and experiment with new strains and methods. After visiting Johnny’s ranch a few more times, and most recently taking a trip out there to check out his fresh sungrown harvest, we feel the same (if not more) excitement about his products, his growing methods, and his ambitious approach to becoming Clean Green Certified.

What’s this Clean Green Certification about, Anyway?

Clean Green is all about responsible agriculture. This is the only nationally recognized third party cannabis certification program designed to help agricultural businesses become as sustainable as possible in order to reduce their carbon footprint while offering organic cannabis options to the consumer for their safety and well being.

The certification is fairly rigorous, expensive, and time consuming, and tests things such as soil, water runoff to neighboring streams, as well as which organic pesticides are being used in the process of cannabis cultivation. We work directly with several businesses within the i502 industry that are Clean Green Certified including Botanica Seattle and Gold Leaf Gardens, and indirectly with Puffin Farms and Emerald Twist. Every item on the shelves in an i502 retail store has been tested per LCB regulation (which is another blog for another day), but the Clean Green Certification is an extra step taken by responsible cannabis producers and processors to ensure that every product they put to market is the safest product on the shelves.

“We have an opportunity with these small farms to put in an little extra elbow grease and be a little more conscious of how our choices affect the environment and the people who consume this medicine.”

– Johnny Vanella, JV Ranch Owner

Current JV Ranch Products on the Shelves at H.E.M.P.

We are proud to carry JV Ranch’s highest quality organic cannabis product line including:

Bluniverse 3: An indica hybrid strain bred from Blue Magoo and Ms. Universe that tastes and smells like blueberry cheesecake. A JV Ranch staple strain that is among one of the favorites of the High End crew.

Pink: Another staple strain whose genetics are unknown. Johnny has been growing this indica hybrid strain for years on the medical market and it has continued to produce well for him on the recreational market. Another favorite among customers and H.E.M.P. team!

Rosin: JV’s rosin is made with premium dry sift (kief) and pressed to perfection. JV releases pressed rosin in staple strains as well as high CBD combinations such as Pink/ACDC and Bluniverse3/ACDC.

Bubble Hash:  A favorite among old school smokers, JV’s ice and water extraction method produces some of the best smelling and tasting bubble has we’ve found in the market. A nice addition to any bowl or joint!

Kief: Tasty and potent dry sift resin trichomes from his signature strains.

We also carry JV Ranch’s Marionberry, Blue Magoo, Platinum OG, Black Domina, and Strawberry Mountain when available. Check out our full menu here to see all of our current JV Ranch products.


For more information on JV Ranch check out his Facebook or Instagram page.

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