WE are meticulous about the cannabis products we choose
& the growers we partner with.

We get to know our cannabis industry partners on another level. We communicate with our partners often to discuss growing methods, new products, and feedback from our HEMP team as well as our customers and patients. By getting to know our partners on a deeper level, we build a reciprocal trust that both parties can rely on as the industry evolves. To date, our team has visited over 150 facilities across Washington state. Hover over our partner’s names next to the map below to get to know more about them.

Get an inside look at our partner's facilities
through our H.E.M.P Visits series

4 arlington
1 sequim
6 seattle
4 spokane
1 tacoma
1 olympia
1 raymond
1 longview
1 goldendale
4 vancouver
1 woodland