Do you offer discounts or specials on weed?

Yes, we offer specials and discounts on cannabis frequently, including our daily deals. You can view these on our menu. In addition, we regularly host vendor days where we invite our partners in to help educate our staff and customers and we offer up to 20% during...

Do you sell vaporizers and cartridges?

Yes, we carry a great selection of vaporizers ranging from flower vapes (Pax, Ascent, DaVinci) , cartridge vapes (house pen, Vuber, Dopen), and concentrate vapes (Vuber, Dr. Dabber). We only carry the highest quality vaporizers for your concentrate and oil enjoyment....

Are taxes included in your prices?

Yes. 43% Tax is included in all of the prices on our menu. We hope that the tax rates will decrease in the future, but in the meantime, we will continue to work hard to bring you the most competitive prices in the recreational and medical marijuana markets in...
High End Market Place at 1924 Broadway


We are now located at 1924 Broadway, just three buildings north of 1906.

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