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EPIC Vendor Day – 12/1/23 3PM-6PM

EPIC Vendor Day – 12/1/23 3PM-6PM

Are you a fan of Gorilla Glue #4? Is your day not complete until you smoke that Tres Star? Then You won’t want to miss the Epic vendor day this coming Friday 12/1 from 3PM-6PM. Use this time to meet with the producer, check out strains they offer and find what fits best for you. Patrons can also save 20% while shopping EPIC brand products during the vendor day from 3PM-6PM

What’s So EPIC?

EPIC is known for our selection of quality cannabis flower. We carry a variety of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. Every batch is tested & inspected to maintain quality and potency standards. Available in 1 gram, 3.5 gram, 7 gram, 14 gram and 28 gram pre-packaged sizes, weighed by hand on state certified scales in house to ensure accuracy.

EPIC Cannabis is a licensed I-502 compliant cannabis cultivator and processor established in 2016. We are a Tier III indoor facility located in Vancouver, WA just across the Columbia River from Portland. We produce quality cannabis products including our premium flower, concentrates, full-flower pre-rolls and more.

Our mission is to showcase the talent in our facility to be able to collaborate years of cannabis experience and passion into what we do every day. As discerning consumers ourselves our product is a direct reflection of the hard work that it takes to cultivate quality cannabis.

Epic Cannabis High End Market Place Dispensary

Be sure to stop by during the Epic Cannabis Vendor Day times to take advantage of special pricing!

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For more info or product details head over to Epic’s Website

Wyld Vendor Day – 11/18/23 12PM-2PM

Wyld Vendor Day – 11/18/23 12PM-2PM

Wyld will be hosting a Vendor Day at High End Market Place this Saturday 11/18! Stop by for these slightly earlier than usual hours to get some one on one time with the reps from one of the largest edible brands out there.

About Wyld

The growth of Wyld from its humble beginnings to an international leader in the cannabis industry has been based on our commitment to quality, operational excellence, and direct partnership with our amazing community of retailers and budtenders. We have remained independent and progressive in our approach to growth, allowing us to maintain our stringent standards for product quality and business practices. We act with integrity and intensity to keep Wyld true to its origins.

The popularity of Wyld has been built with flavors inspired by many things. Love of nature, high quality ingredients, consistent dosing, all culminate to produce the best tasting edibles in the world. Wyld has also built a reputation for providing trustworthy, repeatable cannabis experiences which consumers can rely on. Not only do our gummies have great flavor, they are designed and improved by our team of food scientists. We proudly offer our best in every package.


Be sure to stop by during the Wyld Vendor Day times to take advantage of special pricing! New Tangerine flavor will be available while supplies last so be sure to stop in early!

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Passion Flower Vendor Day – 11/17/23 3PM-6PM

Passion Flower Vendor Day – 11/17/23 3PM-6PM

Passion Flower will be in house at High End Market Place this Friday Nov. 17th for a vendor day where patrons can save 20% on their products! Use this time to explore the many products offered by Passion flower including Vape Cartridges, Pre-rolls and Edible liquids among a variety of other products offered by the the producer.

Who is Behind Passion Flower?

“Passion Flower is brought to you by Fairwinds – Washington’s most trusted cannabis wellness brand. One of our biggest priorities with Fairwinds has always been making sure people across Washington have access to high quality cannabis wellness products. But we noticed a glaring lack of recreational brands that focus on wellness as well. Of course, cannabis is a fun time… But it’s so much more than that! We knew that we had what it takes to help shift Washington’s cannabis industry towards self-improvement at an accessible price point for all customers. And thus, Passion Flower was born.

Since launching in April of 2021, we’ve already made great strides in improving our offerings. We now offer high-terpene live resin concentrates, Washington’s only full-gram, all-ceramic vape cartridges, and Nectar Drops – the state’s most potent edible by volume – in addition to our flower and pre-rolls”

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To place an online order visit out menu here or by using the button below!

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Medical appointments are performed by a certified medical marijuana professional. Available Mon-Fri 8:30AM to 3PM by appointment and carries a cost of $10

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At HEMP we proudly serve both recreational and medical customers. In 2016, High End Market Place was the first cannabis dispensary to be licensed under the new WA State Department of Health medical marijuana program. Since then, we have registered thousands of patients, and have given them access to the highest quality, most ethically sourced cannabis products in the market. 

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