Sex and Cannabis 101

Its only natural that with the proliferation of legalized cannabis that it would find its way into our bedroom. Sex is great, but have you tried it ooooon weeeeed!? For many people, part of the appeal of marijuana is its rumored aphrodisiac-like qualities. Despite the fact that this substance has the ability to enhance mood and reduce inhibitions, much in the way that alcohol does, it may also have some undesired effects on a person’s libido, perhaps depending on amount taken and strain ingested. High Times has a top 10 list of strains that will get your blood flowing for your horizontal activities, which seem to be a rather even number of sativa and indica strains, even including some hybrids, although I have always felt that sativa dominant strains seem to suit me better (but I’m not a scientist, just a connoisseur). Otherwise I might get locked into a Netflix binge instead of a Netflix and chill binge.


Another secondary benefit of enjoying time with your significant other after having smoked or ingested cannabis is increased stamina. Who doesn’t want to last longer in bed? You become the superman of sexual partners when you introduce weed into the picture. According to a study cited on About, 75% of participants reported an increase in the duration of their sexual encounters when they smoked weed beforehand. Although I will add that I personally sometimes just forget what I’m doing while I’m high and zone out, so that might help with the stamina issues. Either way it’s a plus! But it isn’t just beneficial for men. Women are even more likely than men to report enhanced sexual desire with marijuana use. In one study, 90% of women reported that marijuana increased feelings of sexual pleasure and satisfaction to varying degrees, and 40% of women reported that marijuana increased the quality of their orgasm.


In addition to smoking or ingesting cannabis, there are also products like Bond Sensual Oil by our trusted partners, Washington based botanicaSEATTLE, that offer another dimension of bedroom fun, in the form of cannabis oils, specifically meant for vaginas. Sadly, I don’t have a vagina; otherwise I would have gladly given a first-hand testimonial account of the mind blowing effects of these products. Bond sensual oil is made from extracted cannabis oil and coconut oil. Meant for application in and around the clitoris, inner and outer labia as well as internally. However be warned that all of these sensual cannabis products are oil based, so DO NOT use them with condoms that are latex based. What will it feel like? Some women will experience feelings of enhanced warmth, tingling, and relaxation; some feel an ‘urgency’ and a feeling of fullness; while others have found it easier to reach orgasm or even have multiple orgasms. While using BOND it is not unusual to have longer and more intense orgasms. Check out these real BOND testimonials here, and pick up BOND next time you visit High End Market Place.



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