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Vancouver, WA: High End Market Place, a medical and recreational cannabis dispensary, is proud to announce that they are now a Certified Clark County Green Business! The certification assesses many business practices both for environmental and community impact including: energy and water usage, waste and recycling, and community and employee engagement. To become certified, High End was required to meet a minimum of six assessment areas, and be committed to implement goals to maintain and improve upon the standards laid out in the program. Three goals High End Market Place is committed to accomplishing in 2019 including: reducing paper usage by 30% and switching to post consumer recycled paper, join forces with local non-profit the Watershed Alliance to volunteer at three community events, and continue to partner with cannabis producers/processors who use environmentally safe products when it comes to growing/processing and packaging.


“We are so excited to be recognized for our responsible practices- both within environmental impact standards and in regards to our community/employee engagement,” co-owner Morgan Hutchinson explains, “it is becoming increasingly vital for businesses, both large and small, to raise our standards and become more conscious of our influence and footprint. There is so much attention on this new and emerging cannabis industry, and we want to make sure we are doing all we can to be a positive example of healthy and informed practices. We have very high standards when it comes to all levels of how we operate including who we choose to partner with- and we see this as a natural and necessary step toward further positive business development.”


A little history of High End Market Place: High End Market Place (H.E.M.P.) opened their doors in 2015 and is located at 1906 Broadway in Uptown Village. H.E.M.P. is focused on offering ethically sourced cannabis products to both the recreational and medical markets in Washington State. High End Market Place is proud to be one of the first licensed medical dispensaries by the Washington State Department of Health in 2016, and has trained medical consultants on staff at all times. High End Market Place was the first cannabis business to become members of many community and civic organizations in order to educate and inform about cannabis and the impacts of this emerging and influential new industry. In 2016, they were honored to receive the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce’s prestigious “Start up to Watch” award. High End continues to be heavily involved in the local community as well as being a statewide leader in responsible business practices. More at:


About the The Clark County Green Business Program: The program recognizes businesses for environmental excellence through onsite assistance and verification of green business practices. The program provides an environmental assessment, resources, and assistance to businesses seeking a structured approach to implementing green initiatives and measuring results.Our businesses demonstrate that going green is not only good for the environment, it is also good for business’s bottom line, improving employee morale, increasing operational efficiency and maintaining a positive public image. For more information or to become a Green Business go to: