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Passion Flower will be in house at High End Market Place this Friday Nov. 17th for a vendor day where patrons can save 20% on their products! Use this time to explore the many products offered by Passion flower including Vape Cartridges, Pre-rolls and Edible liquids among a variety of other products offered by the the producer.

Who is Behind Passion Flower?

“Passion Flower is brought to you by Fairwinds – Washington’s most trusted cannabis wellness brand. One of our biggest priorities with Fairwinds has always been making sure people across Washington have access to high quality cannabis wellness products. But we noticed a glaring lack of recreational brands that focus on wellness as well. Of course, cannabis is a fun time… But it’s so much more than that! We knew that we had what it takes to help shift Washington’s cannabis industry towards self-improvement at an accessible price point for all customers. And thus, Passion Flower was born.

Since launching in April of 2021, we’ve already made great strides in improving our offerings. We now offer high-terpene live resin concentrates, Washington’s only full-gram, all-ceramic vape cartridges, and Nectar Drops – the state’s most potent edible by volume – in addition to our flower and pre-rolls”

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To place an online order visit out menu here or by using the button below!

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