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We have an eventful couple of weeks lined up for vendors visiting the shop! Canna Organix, Wyld and Epic will be dropping in to show off product, answer questions and provide 20% off their respective brands while they are in house! Check out what times each producer will be in house below!

1/5/24 – Wyld Vendor Day 20% Off 4PM-6PM

Wyld High End Market Place Dispensary

The popularity of Wyld has been built with flavors inspired by many things. Love of nature, high quality ingredients, consistent dosing, all culminate to produce the best tasting edibles in the world. Wyld has also built a reputation for providing trustworthy, repeatable cannabis experiences which consumers can rely on. Not only do our gummies have great flavor, they are designed and improved by our team of food scientists. We proudly offer our best in every package.


1/6/24 – Canna Organix Vendor Day 20% Off 3PM-6PM

Canna Organix high end market place cannabis

Founded in 2013, Canna Organix now quietly leads the evolution of Washington’s cannabis industry with quality product and process innovations, great value, and a drive to build long-term relationships within our team, partnerships and community. We leverage the best of our location, alongside innovative greenhouse technology and environmental controls, and believe Sequim to be the best local in the state for enjoying life and growing our high-grade “sun-grown indoor products.”


1/12/24 – EPIC 20% Vendor Day Off 4PM-6PM

EPIC Sunshine High End Market Place Cannabis

EPIC is known for our selection of quality cannabis flower. We carry a variety of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. Every batch is tested & inspected to maintain quality and potency standards. Available in 1 gram, 3.5 gram, 7 gram, 14 gram and 28 gram pre-packaged sizes, weighed by hand on state certified scales in house to ensure accuracy.

Our mission is to showcase the talent in our facility to be able to collaborate years of cannabis experience and passion into what we do every day. As discerning consumers ourselves our product is a direct reflection of the hard work that it takes to cultivate quality cannabis.


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Catch any of these amazing producers on their respective dates and don’t miss a chance at great savings!

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